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    Arta acului
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    Arta prelucrării lemnului
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    Maști tradiționale

With great respect …


….. for those who created, kept and take forward the priceless treasure of our nation.

….. for our parents, our ancestors, for everything they accomplished and left in keeping the Romanian identity.

….. for those who took from their forerunners these values and kept them, enriching them in order to trust them to their followers properly.

….. for those who make possible knowing and cherishing the universe of the traditional popular culture, from the villages in the Neamt county.

….. and for those who will create, keep and move forward the priceless treasure of our nation.


Both in the popular culture and in artistic trades, there are incorporated eternal values of humanity in general, related to fulfilling some fundamental needs of the human being, the same all over the world, and the same since the beginning of the human kind till today.

The one who combines the spiritual culture with the utilitarian aspect is the handicraftsman, creator of numerous masterpieces belonging both to technique and art as well.

The handicraftsman is the representative of one of the most complete skill, because it satisfies both physical and soul needs.


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