Nemteanca Handicraftsmen Association

The people of these places have created, in time, practicing different trades (weaving, sewing, wooden sculptures, furrier’s trade, etc), products of great artistic and documentary value, through which they have passed, from one generation to another, the tradition they have enriched in a creative way.



Since April 2001, NEMTEANCA Handicraftsmen Association has been working as an organization with legal representation, set up according to OG, no. 26/2000, and registered under no. 4/AF/06.04.2001.


According to the status, the Association is an organization with working purpose, non profit.


The mission of the Association is to represent and promote the interests of the associated handicraftsmen and not only.


The purpose of the Association is to turn to account the human resources, the material and natural resources from the local area.


The aims of the Association are:
• Reviving the handicraft activity;
• Supporting the touristic environment by making products as souvenirs specific to the area;
• Contributions to keeping the Romanian cultural identity and turning to account the existing inheritance;
• Organizing creative artistic camps.



The members of the Association are persons with/without a status of handicraftsman, known or less known, but who know and practice different trades.



In 2002 there was elaborated and implemented the project Harmonizing the objectives, the skills and the resources of the handicraftsmen association to the market requests and possibilities, project financed by CIPE/USAID. The purpose was consolidation and developing the organization’s activity. The project’s result: a collection of trade products-souvenirs, preparing the work force in marketing (selling techniques) of trade products and promoting the organization’s activity and products made by the associated handicraftsmen and not only.


Being a partner in the project The Young Handicraftsman, elaborated by Omenia Philanthrophical Foundation, financed by World Learning, through which 25 young men were trained in practicing a trade, the theoretical and practical training was given by the handicraftsmen within the association.


Partner in the project Learning Centre of the traditional trades, elaborated by Omenia Philanthrophical Foundation, financed by European Union through PHARE – ACCESS programme, in which the target were socially disadvantaged people, to whom, with the help of the handicraftsmen, skills in practicing a trade are developed, as a possible source of income.



NEMTEANCA Handicraftsmen Association initiated the project Creanga Land – Tara lui Creanga, together with the Tg. Neamt Local Administration, which represents a substantial contribution to the Romanian cultural identity and the exploring the touristic inheritance of Neamt area. The main result of the project is setting up a new touristic sight, through arranging Creanga Land parc in Tg. Neamt, the native town of the great storyteller of the Romanian culture, Ion Creanga.



NEMTEANCA Handicraftsmen Association is a part of the Integrated Group of Action (IGA), but also of the Working Group (WG) for the increase of the economic development  through promoting the tourism, which were set up at the level of the Neamt county, sustained by the Programme The Reform of the Local Public Administration through Lasting Partnerships. Within this programme, there were given finances for sustaining the implementing of The Working Plans of the Integrated Group of Action


Due to the Regional Fund for Developing Partnerships, in Northern-Eastern region, there was financed the project Popular Trade Art, visiting card of Moldavia, initiated by NEMTEANCA Handicraftsmen Association.

Taking into account the priority identified within the Regional Theme Group “Developing Tourism”, that is promoting traditional values, and also the intervention axes proposed, the results of the initiated project are:

- A representative collection of trade products of The N-E Region of Romania;
- 30 points arranged for promoting and selling the products;
- Promoting leaflet, covering trade itineraries from the N-E of Romania.

The Association is a permanent participant to the national and international fairs.


We have 44 guests and no members online

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